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Insolvency Opportunities Post-Covid PLUS Referral Tips for Accountants

Episode 51. On this week’s Accounting Influencers Podcast:

News – Martin & Rob discuss “The Insolvency Tsunami & Opportunities for Accounting Professionals”. With businesses supposedly going bust everywhere, we look at the real figures, at how any insolvency cases might also be complemented by new business start ups and what it means for accounting professionals.

Special Guest Interview (Highlights)- “A Strong Message to Accountants & Bookkeepers from Ron Saharyan”. Ron rants passionately about CPAs who say they’re too busy in tax season, the lame ‘let’s clean up your accounts’ line and what’s wrong with ‘customized workflow.

Here’s What Works – Rob & Martin offer up practical advice and tips for accounting practitioners on “Here’s What Works for Accountants & CPAs on Generating Referral Business.” With introductions, word of mouth and recommendations supposedly making up the main sources of new work for many accounting firms, we give you ways to generate more high quality referrals.

Expert Interview (Highlights) – “Pricing Strategies for Accountants and CPAs with Geraldine Carter”. Discover some of the misconceptions accounting professionals have when it comes to pricing, why they are scared to raise their prices and the many benefits of better pricing for accountancy firms.


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