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IRIS Software’s Play for Global Domination in Accounting

Episode 12. In today’s news episode, we discuss “IRIS Software’s Play for Global Domination in Accounting.”

From the accountingTODAY site (link below)

IRIS Software, a U.K.-based provider of accounting software, has acquired AccountantsWorld, a longtime provider of accounting and payroll software and cloud-based services to accountants, based in Hauppauge, New York. The deal is part of IRIS’s goal of expanding its foothold in North America. Its brands include IRIS Star Practice Management, IRIS FMP, IRIS Innervision, Practice Engine, Doc.It (which it acquired in July 2021), PSI Payroll, Senta and Conarc.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

✓ what is behind the purchase of AccountantsWorld by IRIS Software and why it matters in North America

✓ how IRIS already have a significant UK presence and customer base with UK accounting firms as well as in HR and education

✓ the many significant brands and products currently serving accountants under the IRIS Software banner

✓ how IRIS Software are quickly becoming a major player and influencer in the accounting and fintech world

✓ why AccountantsWorld is a good fit for IRIS Software in the cloud accounting space

✓ the key takeaways of this purchase for accounting influencers and practitioners internationally

The original article in accountingTODAY is here:


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