Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Prospecting Tips to Help Accountants Win More Clients

Jason Bay of Blissful Prospecting tells Accounting Influencers host Rob Brown the secrets of more confident prospecting and selling for accountants.

Jason Bay is Chief Prospecting Officer at Blissful Prospecting. He helps reps and sales teams who love landing big meetings with prospects—but hate not getting responses to their cold emails or feeling confident making cold calls. Sales is the only “adult job” he’s ever had. And he’s done everything from selling house painting services door to door, running outbound call centers, to helping hundreds of reps master cold outreach. Selected shownotes:

  • Two big lessons learned from selling house-painting services door to door
  • The big mistake accountants make when approaching prospects that potentially creates an aversion to selling
  • Why the business, deal or new client doesn’t necessarily go to the best accountant, best form or best offering
  • What caused Jason (and many other small business owners) to switch accountants
  • The difference between marketing, prospecting and selling, and why accountants should know the difference
  • Essential client acquisition knowledge for accounting professionals, starting with inbound and outbound marketing techniques
  • How great content can help accountants reach out to and start conversations with existing and potential new clients
  • The big reason accountants shouldn’t have to make cold calls and knock on doors to start conversations with prospects
  • Best practice tips for accountants to identify their ideal clients and buying personas to make for easier business development
  • Why accountants don’t always need to ‘like’ selling or business development to make it work for them, although they still need to develop the skills
  • Shout out to the introverts in the world (like many accountants and entrepreneurs) and how to win business by talking less/asking better questions
  • How accountants can ‘get under the skin’ of what their clients and prospects really need
  • Great tips for handling objections when selling your services and how the EVO method gives accountants confidence in sales situations
  • Special gift from Jason – a PDF guide with prospecting scripts and techniques to make better phone calls and have better sales conversations (link below)
  • A simple and enticing reason accountants should use to reach out to existing and potential new clients to start conversations.

JBay as he is often called, is into classic rock – Van Halen and Def Leppard his two favorite bands. UFC is his favorite sport and he loves being outside hiking, camping and backpacking. He ‘nerds out’ on most things psychology related and enjoys hanging out with his wife, Sara, and his dog, Pepe. Contact him here:

AIP – special prospecting cheat sheet for accountants