Accounting Influencers Roundtable


The Benefits of Data Analytics for Accounting Firm Growth

Jeremy Clopton tells Accounting Influencers podcast show host Rob Brown how firms can make take advantage of data analytics for growth & profitability.

Jeremy Clopton led the Big Data & Analytics and Digital Forensics practices in one of the top accounting firms in the US. He created the SQ Method, a framework designed to help firms overcome challenges and more successfully leverage technology and move firms forward. He is a faculty member for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and believes in data and technology’s potential to transform firm practice management, leadership, and culture. Shownotes:

  • What data analytics actually means for accounting firms
  • How accounting deals with more data from both clients and firms than most other industries
  • How the game of data analytics in accounting has changed over the years
  • Why excel is a data analytics tool, even though it may not be the best one
  • How big data is now so overwhelming for accountants and how they can deal with it
  • The power of asking the right questions before analysing data properly in accountancy firms
  • The power of story-telling for accountants to make data come to life
  • How different stakeholders in the accounting set up need different things from the same data
  • The role technology plays today in analysing huge amounts of data
  • The number one area data analytics can help accounting firms be more profitable and efficient
  • The possibilities for accounting firms of establishing new service lines with data analytics
  • Where accountants should get started in adding data analytics as a service to their clients
  • The importance of measuring progress towards objectives, KPIs, goals and targets using data
  • Who should be playing with the data in an accounting firm – the tech people or the fee earners?
  • The big mistake accountants make in falling short as advisors with the data they produce
  • The trap of over-complicating data analytics and not communicating the key actions
  • Words of encouragement for leaders in accounting firms who want to drive a better data analytics agenda

Jeremy Clopton on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder

Jeremy is also passionate about employee engagement and the value brought by each generation in the workforce. An avid reader, he says Patrick Lencioni, Bren√© Brown, Daniel Pink, and Scott Berkun have influenced his leadership style. Beyond books, he is a fan of TED curated content and cites Shonda Rhimes’ TED2016 talk ‘My Year Of Saying Yes To Everything’ as one of the most influential talks of his career. Outside of work, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his wife, Katie, three innately curious daughters, a lazy golden retriever, and two energetic toy Australian shepherds. He enjoys running, golf, and helping his wife run a non-profit organization. Contact him here:

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