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How Accountants Can Grow with Video: Kate Johnson

Rob Brown & Kate Johnson discuss how accounting professionals can diversify their revenue streams with video and build a virtual accounting career.

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How Accountants Can Grow with Video: Kate Johnson

Our guest today is Kate Josephine Johnson, owner of Heritage Business Services, LLC, a virtual bookkeeping firm serving small businesses across the United States. Kate is also the Chief Hustler at Bookkeeping Side Hustle, where she helps other accounting professionals build virtual accounting careers they love.

In this episode, Kate shares her insights on how accounting professionals can diversify their revenue streams. She discusses various strategies, including eBooks, monthly membership for DIY clients, vendor referral links, YouTube, and sponsorships of newsletter and video content.

Kate emphasizes the importance of using video in your business. She shares statistics about the rise of video and explains that you need two skills to make videos: creating and communicating. She also provides different ways to use video, such as internal operations, clients and hot prospects, and external “Know/Like/Trust” marketing.

Kate also talks about how to enter the accounting space as an outsider and build a life you love. She shares her personal story of transitioning from corporate finance to small business accounting after being a stay-at-home mom for six years.

Lastly, Kate elaborates on the mission of the Bookkeeping Side Hustle Community. The community aims to support accounting professionals, emphasize that bookkeeping is accounting, provide honest reviews, and foster a community of hardworking people. The community also rethinks income, helps job seekers, and makes accounting fun!

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Kate Josephine Johnson is the owner of Heritage Business Services, LLC, a virtual bookkeeping firm that serves small business clients throughout the United States. She is also the Chief Hustler at Bookkeeping Side Hustle, where she helps accounting professionals build a virtual accounting career they love. Kate is a proud Texan, Baylor Bear, and Navy wife. With an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a BA in Economics from Baylor University, Kate worked in corporate finance before choosing to be a stay-at-home mom for several years after her first child was born.

In 2021, she was recognized as the Top 50 Women In Accounting. Kate is known to be a morning person and gets more done before 7:00 am than most people do all day long. She can be contacted via for small businesses and for accounting professionals.

Kate is also active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and she manages the Bookkeeping Side Hustle Facebook Group.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

▶ Diversify your revenue streams: In addition to traditional accounting services, explore other opportunities to generate revenue, such as creating ebooks, offering monthly memberships for DIY clients, vendor referral links, YouTube, sponsorships of your newsletter and video content, and more.

▶ Use video in your business: Video is no longer optional in today’s business world. Learn to create and communicate effectively through video to enhance your marketing efforts and engage your clients.

▶ Build a virtual accounting career: If you’re an outsider looking to break into the accounting space, consider building a virtual accounting career that can scale up or down with your family’s needs. Take advantage of resources like the Bookkeeping Side Hustle Community to learn how to make accounting fun and rethink income.

▶ Emphasize the “know/like/trust” factor: In addition to providing quality accounting services, focus on building relationships with your clients and fostering a sense of community to establish trust and loyalty. This can lead to more referrals and repeat business.

▶ Foster a positive company culture: Create a positive company culture that values hard work and respect for others, and provide opportunities for your employees to connect and engage with one another. This can help attract and retain top talent and ultimately drive growth for your firm.


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