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The Importance of L&D for Clients of Accounting Firms

Steve Walker on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

Steve Walker is a leading expert in the development of disruptor based technology in the learning, training and education markets. He works for Peritus, a group of companies focuses on developing Ed-Tech products for niche areas of the learning, training and education market.

Steve has 20 years of experience in the marketplace working with over 2000 organisations, including accounting firms. He therefore has a great understanding of what is required and draws on this experience to identify gaps where disruptor technology can be used to challenge the norm. He has a vast experience of the SME market, working with many owners and boards to develop their people. Shownotes:

  • Much face to face (F2F) training has now shifted online and on demand – younger people don’t want to wait for training
  • There are few learning platforms that cater for the SME market
  • It’s hard for companies to find the training they need – the L&D space is complex
  • Why people development is vital for businesses to grow and compete
  • The role accountants should play in encouraging their clients to develop their people and their skills
  • Training is vital to keep on top of regulation like GDPR, data security and cyber crime
  • Only 20% of businesses provide training for their people to avoid risks like GDPR, data security and other legal issues
  • Few SMEs have the skills and knowledge internally to manage an array of HR related issues
  • The implications for recruitment and retention of talent with respect to training, learning and development of people
  • The difference between merely attending a training session and taking action to change behaviours
  • A lack of training and development has been shown to stifle growth of any organisation
  • Many companies invest in training but it doesn’t always align with the business plan and company objectives
  • The benefits of an aligned training and development strategy for companies
  • The difference between and L&D agenda driven from top down and from bottom up by employees themselves
  • Companies who don’t or won’t invest in the development of their people will inevitably reach a glass ceiling on growth
  • Accountants can advise their SME and business owner clients better by talking about people and skills development
  • The questions accountants should ask their clients about the development and training of their people
  • The differences between training and development – one is the bare minimum and one shows true concern and investment in your people
  • The role investing in the development of your people plays in future proofing your business
  • Why it’s difficult to prove ROI on training, but there are things you can do
  • Accountants who are business advisors have a role to play in signposting their clients to good advisors, providers and suppliers
  • People engage better with an animated character than a real face sometime
  • Accountants who are courageous enough to have a conversation with their clients about L&D can create real value for them.

Steve Walker on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

Peritus’ mission is to ‘disruptively build futures’ therefore, supporting our customers and partners by providing high quality, low cost online learning products that have a positive impact on people, businesses and the wider economy.

Steve is an adviser on SME people development requirements to some of the UK’s leading business support providers, membership organisations, emerging networks and was recently appointed as Ambassador for Skills and learning technology for Institute of Directors. He played semi professional football when he was younger, and is almost at black belt after doing tae-kwon-do for 6 years.

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