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Leaders Special Interview: Mark Koziel – Allinial Global CEO

Episode 48. In today’s Leaders Special Interview: Mark Koziel – Allinial Global CEO.

Mark Koziel became President and CEO of Allinial Global in August 2020 after 14 years with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). In addition to leading a team of twenty-seven staff members, he is responsible for strategic planning, financial performance, and the association’s overall growth and success.

From the beginning of his career at a large local accounting firm in Buffalo, New York, to his tenure as Executive Vice President of Firm Services at the AICPA, Mark has been a leader and consistent advocate for CPA firms. Well known and highly regarded within the profession, he has appeared among the top 10 of Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting and been named to the International Accounting Bulletin’s Global Accounting Power 50 List.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

✓ Mark Koziel’s vision to help 240 Allinial accounting firms double their revenues in five years

✓ why client accounting services and new service lines are the keys to accountancy firm growth

✓ the ecosystem for accounting firm networks and associations and the differences between them

✓ criteria for accountancy practices to choose the right membership organization for them

✓ the biggest differentiator that defines the good accounting network/association from the very best ones

✓ how accounting firms make the choice to preserve their own brand or take on the branding of something bigger when joining a membership organization

✓ the role of alliances in the accounting firm membership space

✓ the importance of diversity in size and expertise in servicing different kinds of accounting clients with different needs

✓ what accounting practice associations looked like in the early days and how they started growing

✓ the benefits to members of associations and networks who share market intelligence and trends hitting the accounting and fintech world

✓ how accounting networks/associations can add value to members with recommendations, signposting to fintech vendors and experts

✓ what is highest on the list of priorities for leaders of accounting firms globally in these challenging times

✓ the challenges of driving conversations and access to technologies for accounting firms where English is not the first language

✓ the number one thing that separates the good accounting firms from the great

✓ the difference between managing partners and CEOs in accounting practices and why it’s difficult for firms to act like businesses

✓ three questions good accounting firm leaders ask to increase the efficiency of processes and people for better results

✓ the problem of pricing in accounting practices and how it manifests for accountants and CPAs

✓ what has changed most with clients of accounting firms over recent years, and what hasn’t really changed

✓ shout out to Paul Dunn and Ric Payne who were ahead of their time talking about advisory 30-30 years ago

✓ the biggest difference between average and exceptional accountants

✓ the role of concierge accountants in truly servicing their clients that is way beyond compliance

✓ why accountants don’t need to have all the answers but instead the right questions

✓ the skills and knowledge accountants and CPAs need to become trusted advisors

✓ the value of self knowledge for accountants in developing personally and professionally

✓ shoutout to Mindshop who partner with Allinial to help accounting firms build, sell and deliver business advisory services

✓ the major differences between accountants and CPAs in Australia/NZ, the UK and the US and the governing bodies/institutes there

✓ how effectiveness trumps efficiency in accounting firms who want to be the most profitable

✓ how many accountants in the US came from blue collar backgrounds and not ‘nobility’ like in other countries

✓ great questions what accounting firm owners and leaders should be asking themselves to decide whether Allinial is a good fit for them

✓ what a successful future looks like for Allinial and their member firms in coming years, especially with the integration of in person and virtual events

✓ parting advice from a global accounting leader to make the best of the opportunities coming up

In his downtime, Mark enjoys the beautiful summers in the mountains of North Carolina where he spends time with his wife Maryann and enjoys boating, golf, and smoking – both a fine cigar (with a glass of wine) and BBQ. Connect with him here:



Allinial Global website:


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