Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Lessons for Accountants from Fintech Acquisitions & the Power of Stories

Episode 56. On this week’s Accounting Influencers Podcast:

➜ News – Martin & Rob discuss “What Recent Fintech Acquisitions Say About What Is Valuable in a Business.” Calculating multiples and advising business clients on selling may not be what accountants thought it was given how some software companies are valuing purchases.

➜ Leaders Special Interview (Highlights) – Stephen Heathcote CEO Prime Global talks to Rob about what accountancy leadership looks like in challenging times and where the opportunities lie for accounting firms. Note the full uncut interview comes out at the weekend.

➜ Rob & Martin offer up practical advice and tips for accounting practitioners on “Here’s What Works for Accountants & CPAs on Telling Compelling Stories.” The ability to present, persuade, narrate and bring to life the stories behind the numbers is a skill that separates the good accountants from the great ones.

➜ Expert Interview (Highlights) – “What Accountants Need to Truly Serve Clients”. Bobby Lane of Factotum talks to Rob about what today’s business owners and accounting clients really want from their advisors and suppliers.


The Accounting Influencers Podcast is a daily show with four segments coming out every Monday Martin which are repeated on the other 6 days as standalone episodes, plus full uncut interviews on the weekend. 

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