Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Lessons Learned Starting Your Own Accounting Firm

Terrell Turner, an accountant turned entrepreneur, shares insights on evolving accounting roles, building influence, and niche specialization.

In this episode, Terrell Turner, an accounting professional, shares his career journey from technical accounting to launching his own firm. He highlights the evolving role of accountants, shifting from working in the background with numbers to taking the front line in driving business decisions and influencing organizations.

Terrell emphasizes the importance of accountants becoming entrepreneurs and business owners, engaging in conversations about overall business strategy to add maximum value to their clients. He discusses the power of building influence within the accounting industry, especially through content creation, to enhance career prospects and ease interactions with non-accountants. Terrell also delves into the importance of niche specialization for accounting firms, sharing his experience in finding the right fit by focusing on law firms, which aligns with their staff capabilities and offers stable clientele. Through strategic networking, Terrell’s firm has become recognized in the American Bar Association, illustrating the value of a targeted approach to building a successful accounting practice.

Terrell Turner is a trailblazing figure in the accounting world, recognized as the CEO of a prestigious accounting firm and a 40 Under 40 Black CPA. As a double-time Top 20 global finance influencer, his impact is profound and far-reaching.

At the helm of a New York Times-acknowledged accounting firm, Terrell leads a team dedicated to offering meticulous bookkeeping and CFO services, with a specialized focus on serving law firms.

Terrell’s influence extends beyond his firm. He hosts engaging podcasts that unravel the intricacies of finance for business owners, translating complexities into actionable insights. An accomplished speaker, he effortlessly simplifies accounting and finance, leaving a lasting impact on stages and screens alike.

Terrell Turner’s commitment to demystifying finance is reshaping the industry, making him an inspiration to professionals and entrepreneurs alike.


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