Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Busting Common Myths About Accounting Advisory Services

Mark Jenkins has over 20 years in Public Practice in New Zealand. In 2014, he sold his firm so that he could focus on his true passion – helping accountants to accelerate small business success. Mark joined forces with Viv Brownrigg, together creating The Gap Portal so accounting firms throughout NZ, Australia and the UK can use business development content to maximise income without having to re-invent the wheel. Selected shownotes:

  • A simple definition of client engagement for accountants and how important it is to keep clients attracted to your firm
  • Why loyalty is breaking down with accounting clients and what accountants must do to stay relevant
  • The many upsides of having enthusiastic, engaged clients for not just revenue and loyalty but recruitment and succession
  • The disconnect between technical advisors like accountants and entrepreneurial business owners and how to bridge this
  • How client engagement has changed over the years for accountants and what implications this has for the changing roles of advisors
  • The problems accountants incur in giving away their advice for free by not engaging their clients properly
  • What being proactive really looks and sounds like for the ‘best in class’ accountants
  • Why the accountant-client relationship will never go back to ‘normal’ after the pandemic, and how professional firms must adjust
  • Where good client engagement really starts and the 5 levels of change accountants must go through
  • How mindset defines how accountants can optimally engage with clients and be proactive in their client relationships
  • The technique of habit stacking for accountants who want to be more productive and proactive with clients
  • How accountants can create the time to serve clients better and get around the ‘I’m too busy’ excuse
  • 5 rules for accountants to run better (more productive and lucrative) meetings with their clients
  • The different kinds of client engagement meetings that accountants should know about and be having.

In his downtime, Mark likes nothing more than getting up at the crack of dawn, pulling out his kayak, catching, filleting and BBQing his catch of the day. Contact him here: