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Management Insights & Job Profitability Tips for Accountants

Mark Lloydbottom is an experienced and acclaimed lecturer to the accounting profession. He lectures across Europe and South Africa on his specailised topics of strategy, marketing and personal development for accounting firm. His body of work comprises many management and marketing program, and he is a lead team member at PracticeWEB, the UK’s leading provider of hosted content for accounting firm’s websites.

Mark has written a range of books for the accounting profession and for Crown including Clients 4Life (for accountants), Your Money Counts (with co author Howard Dayton), The Money Devotional and Biblical Finance (co authored with Tim Segedin). Selected shownotes:

  • How the world’s largest shared content system for accountants PracticeWeb was born
  • The opportunity that technology offers for the accounting profession if handled properly
  • The biggest threats to the accounting profession if firms do not step up
  • The succession challenges faced by accounting firms who will have to pay out big sums to older exiting partners
  • Why changing the accounting firm model is vital to attract new entrants to the profession
  • The problems with a hybrid model of working for accounting firms and their people
  • What good practice looks like for leadership and management roles in accounting firms
  • What prevents some accountants from being coachable and upskilling like they need to
  • Answering the question ‘who is your best client?’ for accountancy professionals
  • The challenges that a compliance heavy business model brings to accounting firms
  • The reasons accounting firms shun advisory and place over-emphasis on compliance work
  • Why most accounting firm partners spend only 5% of their time on non-compliance work
  • The critical difference between compliance and advisory work for accountants
  • What the best accountants do routinely that the average ones don’t to serve their clients
  • What is going to drive up to 90% of the work accounting firms do in coming years
  • Why there are less people coming into the accounting profession (hint – it’s not exciting enough!)
  • Whether accountants deserve the ‘trusted advisor’ mantle in today’s competitive world
  • How the accounting profession is losing lots of clients and what they can do about it
  • Who truly has the ear of accountants and who the accounting profession should be listening to
  • How the burden of regulation hinders the accounting profession
  • What accountants can find on the Ignite Practice Management website
  • What accounting firm leaders must do to keep their skills up to date in serving their firms

When not working, Mark heads up the Compass ministry in the UK which teaches how finances should be managed according to the Bible. There are over 2300 verses in the Bible about how we should handle our money, wealth and possessions.

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