Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Value Pricing Strategies for Accounting Professionals

Mark Wickersham is a Chartered Accountant and a widely published author on practice issues. His first book, Effective Pricing for Accountants, was a number 1 Amazon bestseller. He sold his own accountancy practice in 2006 and now helps accountants and bookkeepers become  more profitable through better systems, better leadership, better pricing strategies, better marketing and being highly proactive (especially in the area of advanced tax planning). Mark is also the Group Chief Executive of AVN, an association of approximately 300 accountants. Selected shownotes:

  • How Covid has changed price conversation for accountants and bookkeepers
  • Reasons some professionals discount their prices in tough times
  • Why some accounting firms actually do better in times of recession
  • How virtual, remote and online communication has affected price conversations
  • Why price is always the first thing prospects look at in a proposal or quote
  • Advice for accountants and bookkeepers can communicate better remotely
  • The importance of keeping people engaged during video conversations
  • Two crucial ways to communicate better on zoom and other non-F2F platforms
  • How accountants can increase opportunities by actually reducing their number of clients
  • Why most accounting firms are too cheap, and thus not as profitable as they could be
  • What might happen if an accountant lost or fired 20% of their clients
  • Why increasing prices in accounting and bookkeeping services doesn’t always need to be justified
  • The problems accounting professionals have in communicating the value they create
  • The big mistake accounting firms make with their website when it comes to pricing
  • Two top tips to help accountants and bookkeepers have easier value pricing conversations.

Mark has a passion for teaching and coaching accountants and bookkeepers to be more confident and effective. He runs several live sessions monthly via When not working, Mark enjoys cycling and playing guitar from his base in Portugal.

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