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Mental Health with Technology for Accountants with Doc-It’s Kevin Sharma (Uncut)

On today’s bonus UNCUT episode, Rob Brown interviews Kevin Sharma of Doc.It on the role of technology in the accounting sector and implications for the mental wellbeing of accountants

Kevin is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Doc.It by IRIS. Over the past nine years, he has helped hundreds of accounting firms improve efficiency, data security and enhance their client services with Doc.It’s document management, workflow and web portal tools.

Key takeaways from the full uncut interview include:

⍟ The key things that separates the good accounting firms from the great ones

⍟ The two things that the fastest growing CPA practices and accountancy firms are investing in

⍟ Deadline overkill and it’s debilitating role on the performance of CPAs and accountants

⍟ What is really working for accounting firms who are using technology in the best possible way

⍟ Making the connection between tech investment and revenues for an accounting practice

⍟ What accountants and CPAs can do with any time they save or free up by better using technology

⍟ How accountancy practices have adapted and pivoted during the Covid pandemic

⍟ How stress and mental health issues prevent accounting professionals from living and performing optimally

⍟ Shout out to Randy Johnston’s research on the critical issues that challenge accounting firms internationally

⍟ The key contributors to burnout, exhaustion, overwork and stress in the accounting world

⍟ The link between mental health and technology for accounting professionals

⍟ The implications of not being able to see clients in person for accountancy advisors and CPAs

⍟ What will attract the younger generation of accountants and CPAs to come into the profession

⍟ What is driving the demand for technological advancement and digitalisation for accountants and their clients

⍟ Bad doctrine or advice that comes out from some accounting leaders that holds back their practices

⍟ Shout out to Geraldine Carter and her episode on pricing about the best course of action when pushing against inertia in an accounting practice

⍟ Advice for younger accountants who struggle to bring about change and growth in their accounting firm

⍟ What frustrates most about the accountancy profession when it comes to technology

⍟ The ‘full suite big box’ argument versus the ‘best in class, best in breed’ approach for technology in accounting firms

⍟ How virtual wine tours work if accounting and fintech firms want to be different and keep their clients close.

Kevin loves travelling, sports (Toronto Raptors), concerts and bakes cheesecakes as a side hustle. He also enjoys spending time with his family and 2 year old son.

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