Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Pricing Psychology and Proven Strategies for Accountants

Mark Wickersham Mark Wickersham is a qualified chartered accountant, public speaker and Group Chief Executive of the accounting network AVN. He’s the most in-demand profit improvement expert in the accounting community globally. Mark is also a widely published author on practice issues. His YouTube Channel features a ton of videos on pricing and profit for accountants.In May 2011 … Read more

Leading Business Development in a Large Accounting Firm

Dave Fisher Dave Fisher is Director of Business Development in one of the country’s premier accounting firms, Duncan and Toplis. With a strong local presence across 11 offices throughout the region, the firm offers accounting services and specialist business advice to a range of clients in retail, manufacturing, technology, IT, GP practices, leisure, academies, nursing … Read more

Accounting Influencers – Making Good Accounting Firms Great

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to the very first episode of the Accounting Influencers podcast. My name is Rob Brown and today I’ll be sharing what you can expect from this radio show. The Accounting Influencers is mainly for accountants in the larger accounting firms, particularly those people who lead them and/or have work winning responsibilities. It’s also for … Read more