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One Of The World's Most Popular Accounting Podcasts

A weekly podcast for accountants and CPAs, together with the networks, associations, fintech vendors and influencers who lead them, work in them and serve them.

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The Accounting Influencers Podcast

Who Presents the Podcast?

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The Accounting Influencers Podcast is hosted by Rob Brown, co-founder of AIR, author of Build Your Reputation and professional interviewer in accounting and fintech

Who Listens to the Podcast?

Our Audience

Our audience is made up of accountants, CPAs and accounting firms as well as those who serve them, sell to them and sell through them mainly in the UK and US

What Do We Talk About?

Our Guests

Each episode features interviews with top leaders in accounting firms, networks and associations or with the influencers, experts, vendors, advisors, experts and coaches who inspire them

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Receive weekly email alerts to new podcast episodes straight to your inbox

One Of The World's Most Popular Accounting Podcasts

Sebastian Fox Sebastian Fox is a qualified team and executive coach. He’s an expert in helping accounting professionals develop better, longer lasting and profitable relationships with clients, prospects and referrers. He has worked with over 200 individuals helping them build their business with existing and new clients, delivering tangible improvements in their performance across a...
Trent McLaren Trent Mclaren is Australia’s thought leader of the year in the Accounting Industry. He is the head of accounting and strategic partnerships at Practice Ignition. His role see’s him partnering with accounting professionals all over the world as he strives to drive innovation and disruption with his partners. Igniting a culture to challenge...
Mark Wickersham Mark Wickersham is a qualified chartered accountant, public speaker and Group Chief Executive of the accounting network AVN. He’s the most in-demand profit improvement expert in the accounting community globally. Mark is also a widely published author on practice issues. His YouTube Channel features a ton of videos on pricing and profit for accountants.In May 2011...
Dave Fisher Dave Fisher is Director of Business Development in one of the country’s premier accounting firms, Duncan and Toplis. With a strong local presence across 11 offices throughout the region, the firm offers accounting services and specialist business advice to a range of clients in retail, manufacturing, technology, IT, GP practices, leisure, academies, nursing...
TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to the very first episode of the Accounting Influencers podcast. My name is Rob Brown and today I’ll be sharing what you can expect from this radio show. The Accounting Influencers is mainly for accountants in the larger accounting firms, particularly those people who lead them and/or have work winning responsibilities. It’s also for...

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