Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Panel: The International Pulse of Accounting Trends

Is the accounting profession facing an existential crisis? Or is it on the brink of unprecedented opportunities?

Rob Brown assembles a panel of industry experts to dissect the current state and future prospects of the accounting profession. Jean Caragher, Jeremy Clopton, Rick Telberg, and Tamera Loerzel bring their wealth of experience to the table, offering insights on everything from talent shortages to technological disruption.

The conversation delves deep into the challenges facing accountants today, including the struggle to attract new talent, the need for a shift in business models, and the impact of remote work. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. 

The panelists also highlight the immense opportunities available to those willing to embrace change and innovation. They discuss the importance of compassionate leadership, the need for better metrics beyond billable hours, and the potential for accountants to position themselves as true business advisors.

Key Takeaways:

  • The accounting profession needs to address the talent shortage by rethinking education requirements and work culture 
  • Remote work is here to stay, and firms need to adapt their policies to attract and retain talent 
  • The partnership model in accounting firms may be outdated and needs to be reevaluated 
  • Technology should be seen as an enabler for better processes, not just a solution to pain points 
  • The future of accounting lies in advisory services and helping businesses achieve their goals


“Complacency is one of the threats that we often run into.” – Tamera Loerzel

“Every accountant is an entrepreneur.” – Rick Telberg

“Let’s stop arguing about it and fighting it and just get to work.” – Jeremy Clopton on remote work

“We need to focus on results-based metrics and what are the deliverables.” – Tamera Loerzel

“The CPA brand is one of the best in the world.” – Rick Telberg


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