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Paul Winrow: Technical Partner at MHA MacIntyre Hudson

In this monthly 'Leaders Special', Accounting Influencers host Rob Brown talks to Paul Winrow, Technical Partner for top UK firm MHA Macintyre Hudson.

Once a month, the Accounting Influencers podcast is featuring a prominent accounting leader. This month we interview Paul Winrow, the Technical Partner and Ethics Partner at top 15 UK firm MHA MacIntyre Hudson. He was previously Global Director of Professional Standards at Baker Tilly International.

Here he was responsible for the network’s global audit methodology, the global quality improvement program, technical support, technical training and representing the network in the accounting Profession. 

Paul has over 25 years audit experience, spending the first ten years of his career in Big 4 firms and has spent the last ten years in technical roles. He was a core member of a global team responsible for developing a new global audit methodology and contributing to a suite of audit learning and software for a top six network, where he was Head of Audit Technical in the UK Firm, and more recently developed and implemented the Baker Tilly International Global Audit Methodology. 

In his spare time, Paul is an avid sports fan, particularly his life-long love affair with Liverpool FC (what a couple of years this has been!!) and a shorter lived but no less passionate following of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team. He is also a keen scientist and completed a part-time PhD in Palaeontology in 2015. 

Imogen Allen