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Receipt Bank – Keeping the Pulse of the Accounting Sector

Adrian Blair on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

Adrian Blair is the CEO of London-based Receipt Bank, the world’s leading digital bookkeeping platform. A passionate advocate for SMEs, Adrian’s mission is to give millions back control of their finances, and their time.

Making technology work for people in small businesses is at the heart of Adrian’s vision at Receipt Bank, and an ambition he has pursued throughout his career.

As Just Eat COO he worked with over 100,000 takeaways to digitise an industry where companies competed with paper flyers in customers’ kitchen drawers. Joining in 2011 he steered the then start-up to IPO, leaving the business as a FTSE100 company in 2018.

Adrian’s desire to help entrepreneurs do more led him to set up Circl in 2018 between Just Eat and Receipt Bank. Circl is a next-generation leadership programme with the aim of giving more students from disadvantaged backgrounds the skills to start their own companies. It is equalising access through working with leading technology companies like Facebook, Uber and Google. Shownotes:

  • Why professional services is such a complex marketing environment to study and serve
  • Why receipt bank has the capacity to scale and be used by any small business on the planet
  • What accountants can learn from the technology drives sites like Spotify and Just Eats
  • Receipt Bank’s accountant and bookkeeper-centric mission
  • An interesting take on the compliance vz advisory accounting debate
  • How machine learning is driving innovation at Receipt Bank
  • Guess how many new items of information come into Receipt Bank monthly?
  • Imagine keeping track of £50bn of small business spending every year
  • The single biggest reason why Netflix defeated Blockbuster
  • The quest to make accountants and bookkeepers more productive
  • The one thing any company or nation needs to improve to generate wealth sustainably
  • The key focus that makes the good accounting firms great
  • The big driver that makes a software CEO get out of bed in a morning
  • How technology is going to change in the next 5 years
  • Will technology ever automate ‘away’ the accounting profession?

Adrian Blair on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob BrownAdrian grew up in Southern Africa and would play his neighbours piano during the day. He would go round regularly and grew to really love music. He has a piano at home, but never pretended he’s good enough to play professionally. You can reach him here…

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