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Amanda C Watts on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob BrownAmanda C Watts

Amanda C. Watts is the creator of the Velocity programme for CPAs and accountants. Velocity is a structured 3-step marketing and sales programme based on the best selling book The Pioneering Practice. By helping firms to clearly understand and communicate the value they provide they transform their positioning, remove their competition and generate higher revenue with fewer clients. She can take an average fee of £3k to £10k a year and beyond.

Amanda has been in marketing and sales for 26 years and has won awards for her training programmes. She is the author of two best selling business books: Escape, the Definitive Guide To Becoming A Freedompreneur®, and The Pioneering Practice. She has been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, spoken at Quickbooks Connect and Accountex London. Shownotes:

  • To go from good to great, accounting firms need to make it all about relationships
  • Accountants have been labelled over the years as not people oriented but too technical
  • Anyone, even accountants, can program their mindset with the right attitude and coaching
  • Accountants who don’t like the term ‘trusted advisor’ can’t come up with a better alternative
  • For accountants, sales and marketing means attracting, connecting with and converting your ideal clients
  • Why the accounting profession is so exciting right now, with ripe opportunities to give, grow and get
  • Accountants are better than business coaches because they understand the numbers
  • Two biggest challenges for growing accounting firms – tech and staff
  • What ‘focus’ looks like for marketing savvy accountants
  • Three things an accountant should look for in an ideal client
  • The wisdom of changing niches every few years
  • The savvy accountants are using more sophisticated marketing techniques vz a few years ago
  • Worst advice being given to accountants at the moment is on pricing
  • The best hiring policy to attract good people is through culture and how much fun it is to work for you
  • Shout to out Alex Falcon Huerta – what she gets her staff doing most of the time
  • A major source of confidence is gumption – just closing your eyes and going for it!
  • The ‘advisory conversation’ has been going on too long with very little change
  • The two biggest reasons why accountants fear change
  • No amount of marketing will bring you business – you have to start having conversations off the back of it

Amanda C Watts on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown


Amanda lives in Surrey with her husband Matthew, two children and her cat named Cat. She has a passion for different cultures and loves travelling the world. To learn more about Amanda and her work, visit or contact Amanda:

Phone +44 (0)1883 317 369


Twitter: @amandacwatts

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