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Empowering Accountants to Become Bold Sales Professionals

Andy Gole on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob BrownAndy Gole

Andy Gole has helped CEOs, owners and corporate leaders for over 25 years to achieve great sales performance, while accelerating their sales process. During his career, he thoroughly researched virtually all of the popular sales processes. All have their strengths, and their shortcomings. From years of testing and evaluation, he developed the Urgency Based Selling® system, a unique approach founded on philosophies which drive and accelerate human behavior.

Andy contributes original content regularly to and Training Industry, as well as other notable business publications. He is also a frequent speaker on the topics of business development, sales management, and selling process. Shownotes:

  • The two must-ask questions that help accountants land new clients
  • Useful techniques to take your accounting firm’s prospect closing rate from 20% to 80%
  • The impact on your accounting firm of having bold visions and bold behaviours
  • How business development can help with accounting firm recruitment and retention challenges
  • What makes accountants different when it comes to selling
  • What incredible business development people do each day to be successful
  • The easiest and best way to build your accountancy practice
  • Learn about the ‘Magic Moment of Access’ that helps accountants win more business
  • Examples of great telephone call scripts to maximise an accountant’s chances of landing the client
  • Why interest is the proverb of marketing and urgency is the proverb of sales
  • How to jump-start your sales with the Urgency Based Selling system

Andy Gole on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

  • Why testimonials can be such a powerful tool to help accountants win work
  • Steps accountants can take to avoid time wasting clients and focus on serious clients
  • How accountants can move safe conversations to serious ones to get real results
  • Why ‘best efforts’ is a losers game and accountants need a ‘do or die attitude’
  • Why accountants need to create a compelling reason for clients to ‘act now’
  • Explore the ‘Heroic Mindset’ endorsed by George Lucas and developed over 1000s of years
  • Proximity bias – what is it and how can accountants avoid the dangers it present s
  • How accountants can adopt a 4-step approving sequence to avoid any client objections
  • Explore the difference between social selling and business selling
  • Learn how to build a list of serious prospects and how to keep in touch with them
  • Discover how making the prospect ‘look up’ can make a good accountant a great accountant
  • Master the tools used by accountants to change their mindset, approach and boost sales
  • Discover why sales culture is paramount in accountancy firms and why leadership is vital.

Andy Gole on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

Andy has an MBA in marketing from NYU and taught small business management and selling skills for 8 years at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies. To learn more about Andy and his unique process, visit or contact Andy:

Phone (1) 201 415 3447


Twitter: @AndyGole

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