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Wellbeing & High Performance Strategies for Accountants

celynn morin on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob BrownCelynn Morin

Celynn Morin is an award winning well-being consultant and professional speaker. She helps business leaders get a healthier, more productive workforce through work place wellbeing workshops and programmes.

Celynn believes that business leaders have the opportunity to help reduce the burden on the NHS by creating work place cultures that proactively support wellbeing. Celynn has co-authored two books and developed a variety of online wellbeing programmes and various frameworks such as Performance Chemistry , the Wellculator and the Champagne Campaign.

Shownotes include:

  • Hear healthy and high performing are accountants as a race and how they stack up against other professions
  • The key factors that inhibit accountants from performing at their best
  • The four different dimensions of wellbeing – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Accountants take note – the trigger for wellbeing is unfortunately when something goes wrong
  • Accountants are time poor and stress rich, which has an impact on our life choices
  • Wellbeing used to be a personal thing for individuals, but the best accounting firms are starting to take responsibility for their staff
  • The workforce globally is unwell, resulting in lots of absenteeism or worse, presenteeism (being there but not engaging or contributing)
  • Recruiting and retaining talent can form a vital part of an employee value proposition
  • The pace of change is so fast now, many people are unable to cope professionally AND personally
  • Accounting firms who value employee wellbeing see that it makes economic sense – thee is a return to the firm
  • 88% of healthcare costs are lifestyle related, and these are highest for high pressure businesses like accounting firms
  • Examples of how accounting firms can help their employees make better lifestyle choices in the work environment
  • The media offers conflicting advice, which make it difficult for us to make good health and lifestyle choices
  • The single biggest reason why mental health problems are on the increase
  • How pressure turns into stress and then mental problems
  • The dangers of becoming too stressed and desensitised to pressure, so we forget how to relax and recharge
  • The power of a ‘mindful minute’ to reverse the fast pace of work life
  • Mindfulness or meditation is a very effective but underrated way to maintain a balanced perspective and good health
  • Health and wellbeing tip for busy accounting professionals – become the CEO – the Chief Energy Officer of your life
  • The importance of oscillating – accountants are human and are not wired for linear high performance all the time
  • Focus, creativity and energy are three massive upsides of managing your fuel and food intake
  • Accountants (and people generally) are more overweight than they should be, and this is only going to increase because they lead sedentary lifestyles
  • There are so many options for busy accountants to move more and stay active – get something that works for you
  • An innovative way for busy accountants to get two lots of 15 mins of exercise in their busy working day
  • To create sustainable change in the health and habits of an accounting firm, leaders must look at culture
  • The power of the ‘wellculator’ to help busy accountants identify the right habits for high performance and wellbeing
  • The Champagne Campaign harnesses the French way of living in a healthy way with celebration, connection and community
  • If you struggle with insomnia, weight gain or low energy, it may be time to make some changes

Celynn loves to travel and enjoys doing salsa dancing. True to her French heritage she enjoys good food and champagne.

Find out more at or to contact Celynn directly:

Twitter: @Celynn

Celynn on LinkedIn

+44 7 55 373 2790

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