Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Technology Best Practices for Progressive Accounting Firms

Daniel Teacher on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

Daniel Teacher is the Managing Director at T-Tech and oversees sales within the business. He is also hands-on with T-Tech’s clients, a large number being the top 200 UK accountancy firms. Prior to T-Tech, Daniel worked at Deloitte as a Management Consultant for 4 years, on global transformational projects for some of the world’s largest banks. Shownotes:

  • How accounting firms differ in their approach to technology from other sectors
  • Why there are literally NO large accounting firms who are good with technology
  • The three types of accounting firms when it comes to technology
  • The single biggest reason accountancy firms have poor technology capability
  • Why clients have such low expectations of their accountants and the disastrous effects of that
  • What stops accountants from adapting better to technology in driving performance and profitability
  • The three aspects of keeping up to date with technology that accounting firms encounter
  • ‘Born in the cloud’ accounting firms usually tend to have less than 20 people
  • Technology advancement in accounting firms is vital for better client service
  • What accounting firms should do to avoid requiring so many different tech and software solutions
  • The cost of new accounting software is actually only a small consideration in bringing it into your firm
  • The biggest frustration in handling the Tech of a large accounting firm
  • Accountants are strong business advisors but often not good at running a business themselves
  • The key focus for accounting firms in coming years when it comes to technology
  • The best way to deliver technology change to accountants
  • The best ways to attract to talent to your accounting firm
  • Accountants note – the staggeringly high % of a client tax return that is not added value
  • Best advice for accountants who want to drive technological change through their firm
  • The biggest reason IT projects fail in accounting practices

Daniel Teacher on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

Daniel is a patron of Norwood, one of the largest charities in London, and is a cycling enthusiast. He has participated in multiple charity bike rides in different locations around the world. He enjoys family holidays and has completed over 30 sky dive jumps!

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