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Does Accounting Have a Problem with Gender Equality?

Nick Sinclair on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

Della Hudson

Della Hudson is the author of ‘The Numbers Business; how to grow a successful cloud accountancy practice’ which is not just an Amazon bestseller but went on to win the specialist book category in the 2019 Business Book Awards. She is the former owner of Hudson Accountants which she started from her kitchen table, grew and sold in 2017. Her team at Hudson Accountants were all part time from 10 to 30 hours per week.

Della now enjoys helping other accountants and bookkeepers to do better business (however they define that) by speaking, writing and coaching them over the different hurdles in their business life cycle. This year alone has seen her listed in the Practice Ignition Top 50 Women in Accounting, the Accountancy Age top 50 Women in Finance and consistently in the top 10 of the Avalara Accounting Top 100. Shownotes:

  • Many accountants are resistance to change and not as coachable as the should be
  • How she became an advocate for women in accounting
  • Women in accounting and women influencer lists provide role models for professional women
  • Why women don’t rise to leadership positions in accounting as much as they should and could do
  • There are are many reasons employees may seek part time work – it’s not just family
  • The intake of women in accountancy is 50% but at management and partnership levels, this drops to 25%
  • Women make sacrifices to be there for their children, many of which are around their career
  • The value of influencer lists, particularly for women in accounting
  • A meritocracy exists in that women in accounting and finance can progress on merit, but they do need to be able to put themselves forward
  • How girls outperform boys in schools but something changes in the workplace
  • How male champions of female causes can sometimes help the progression of women in work
  • What ‘stepping up’ involves for women in accounting
  • How women can build their network and profile better using social media
  • Offering flexible working is not easy or acceptable for some employers, which restricts career opportunities for women
  • How not offering part time work to women can result in greater competition to your accounting firm
  • Having a more diverse accounting workforce makes you more attractive to more diverse clients
  • Positive discrimination in accounting recruitment is patronising but needed in the short term until equality becomes the norm
  • Is accounting as a profession failing women?
  • Good women in accounting are disadvantaged in ways that good man are not
  • Obvious but having children impacts women in their career more than men
  • Accounting initiatives from ICAEW to make it easier for women to return to work after childcare
  • Why should an accountant have to work full time?
  • If you work hard and have talent, there should be no barriers in any profession
  • There is less active prejudice against women in the accounting workplace, though it is still present
  • Flexible working is not just about parenting – there are other reasons for not wanting full time work
  • Tips for women who want to step up in accounting and be a better role model
  • What’s so difficult for accounting firms to offer remote of flexible working – you either trust your people or you don’t?

‘What’s so difficult for accounting firms to offer remote of flexible working – you either trust your people or you don’t?’ asks @DellaHudsonFCA with @therobbrown on the #Accounting Influencers #Podcast #accountants #accountex…

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Della Hudson on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown


When not working, Della insists on having a decent balance and completes triathlons through sheer willpower. She continues the coaching theme as an athletics coach at North Somerset Athletics Club, working with teenagers to achieve their full sporting potential, whatever that is. A few years ago England Athletics ranked her as the 20th fastest woman in her age group over 400m hurdles. (There were only 22 women in the ranking!) and she has represented two different countries in cross country running and smallbore rifle shooting but denies that Ben Affleck consulted her before his role in ‘The Accountant’. All this sporting activity is balanced by a love of food. Della enjoys both cooking and eating with friends but is, overall, a self-confessed tea addict. Contact Della on her website or directly:

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