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Proven Tips on Tech for Greater Accounting Opportunities

Dermot Hamblin on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

Dermot Hamblin

Dermot Hamblin is a formidable track record of leading and selling in the accounting world. His experience covers several business sectors; SaaS software, professional services and martech. A pioneer in creating and leading teams for companies in growth mode, he has been the first man on the ground for three companies setting up offices in the UK; one Australian, one Irish and one Bulgarian.

He has worked in owner-occupied, VC backed and multinational corporate environments, and the one point connects all of the businesses above is ambitious growth plans. Dermot is currently helping ProfitPro grow and launch their incredibly successful template for helping Irish accountants into the UK. Shownotes:

  • Many sole practitioner accountants are struggling in today’s competitive and changing accounting marketplace
  • An assessment of where the accounting software and technology space is at this time
  • The pace setter firms are racing ahead, making quick decisions and executing quickly on their implementation of strategy
  • Fast moving technology is not having the disruptive effect many expected in accounting as firms are slow to adopt
  • Why many tech projects in accounting firms fail due to failings from firm leaders
  • Software vendors are an easy target for slow adoption of tech but actually they provide huge support and education to accounting firms
  • There is a gap between accounting firms in Australia and New Zealand which is down to several factors
  • Shout outs to Carl Reader, Will Farnell and Paul Bulpitt who are leading the most progressive and innovative UK accounting firms
  • The first decision accounting firms should make when using tech is whether there is an efficient manual way to get the job done
  • How the younger accountants are driving cloud projects forward in accounting firms
  • An example of how to win pitches against bigger, more established accounting firms
  • Can accountants sell? No, because many still perceive selling as being bad
  • Unless accounting professionals can sell, they won’t have any success as a business person
  • Accountants are coming under attack from business coaches who say ‘don’t work with accountants because they have limited commercial experience’
  • Accountants are really only a trusted advisor when their clients are proactively calling them up and asking for advice
  • Accountants don’t need to know everything about everything to delivery services beyond compliance
  • Accountants are better placed to deliver strategic planning for clients than they are app advisory
  • Shout out to John Thompson for helping accountants deliver advisory services
  • One of the essentials for delivering growth in an accounting firm is a good CRM system
  • Shout out to Des O’Neill of OmniPro who understands the problems and pains of accountants in Ireland and beyond
  • The benefits of Profit Pro for accounting firms who want growth
  • The accounting partnership model will decrease in popularity and firms will become much more business like in the future
  • The rise of the data scientist in the accounting world in an era of AI and machine learning
  • Accountancy firms will need to get better at selling themselves and training their people to sell.

‘Unless accounting professionals can sell, they won’t have any success as a business person” says @LangdonHamblin with @therobbrown on the #Accounting Influencers #Podcast #accountex #accountinginsight

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Dermot Hamblin on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

When not working, Dermot is an active squash player and a West Ham Utd football fan. You can call him directly on 07748 776252 or below:

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