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Practical Marketing Tips for Accountants & Accounting Firms

Grant Leboff, digital sales & marketing expert, tells Accounting Influencers podcast show host Rob Brown how accounting firms can best compete digitally.

Grant Leboff on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

Grant Leboff is an international speaker and author on sales and marketing strategy. His speciality is the massive changes in how firms sell and market coming from technologies an increasingly competitive world.

He is a regular contributor to many business magazines and newspapers. Amongst others, he has been featured in the Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Financial Times, The Daily Mirror and The Sun. He has appeared on BBC Radio on numerous occasions as well as being featured on a significant number of US radio networks. Selected shownotes:

  • What exactly is marketing in the context of professional firms like accountants
  • The difference between brand communication and human communication for accounting firms
  • The key factors that elevate tactical to strategic marketing
  • The key distinctions between marketing tangible products and intangible services
  • Why it’s never been noiser in your marketplace in today’s ‘war for attention’
  • What makes differentiating yourself and your accounting firm actually easier these days
  • How the ‘smallest viable market’ helps you shape marketing strategy for your accounting firm
  • The substantial benefits for an accountant of targeting a niche or specialist market
  • How the market is changing for accountancy services in today’s fast-moving world
  • The #1 critical ‘word of mouth’ change in how referrals are happening for accountants
  • How covid has changed the way business networks and commercial relationships are built for accountants
  • The primary channel accountants should be focusing on to build trust, familiarity and credibility in their chosen markets
  • How the buyer journey and demographic of business owners is changing how accounting firms should market
  • The two things that could happen when a prospect does a Google search for an accounting firm
  • Two practical tips for accountants when it comes to ‘selling yourself’
  • The #1 source of great ideas for accountants who want to create compelling content and thought leadership
  • Encouraging words for accountants who feel they are too inexperienced or too busy to do any marketing or business development.

Grant Leboff on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

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