Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Tech & Practice Management Tips for Accounting Firm Success

Ilya Radzinsky of TaxDome shares with Accounting Influencers podcast host Rob Brown some tech, digital and practice management tips for accounting firms

Ilya Radzinsky is a co-founder of TaxDome, a tech company born out of deep understanding of tax and accounting business needs. About 8 years ago, he and his brother built a custom software system for a tax practice, which grew 10 to 70+ staff. Out of this they launched TaxDome in March 2017. TaxDome is the most intuitive, all-in-one cloud-based solution for tax practice management. Shownotes:

  • What a pioneer remote accounting firm looks like
  • Why the fastest growing and largest accounting firms are all investing in technology
  • What smaller accounting firms need to be able to compete with larger firms who can invest more in technology
  • Why change is scary for accounting firms and is often met with resistance
  • Tips to lessen friction points when taking on new technology in your accounting firm and ensure maximum integration
  • How software and app overload stop most accountants from doing what they do best
  • The downsides for accountants of using different software systems for staff and clients
  • The problem with email as a channel to swap confidential information with accounting clients
  • Factors an accounting firm should consider with their choice or practice management software
  • Fact: the accounting firms AND the businesses they serve grow fastest when they invest in technology
  • The biggest challenges accounting firms face if they want to grow
  • Critical tips for making your accounting business more sellable and more valuable
  • Why accounting firms should never compete on price
  • Discover the only thing that stays constant in the business world
  • Why the older people are massively underestimated in terms of their contribution to and understanding of business
  • The magic approach that will more quickly drive change in your accounting firm

When he’s not working, Ilya enjoys getting friends together. He’s hosted 7 friendsgivings – just like Thanksgiving except with groups of friends instead of just family. He loves skiing and goes on 6 annual ski trips with large groups.

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