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Marketing and Sales Strategies for Progressive Accountants

james ashford of go proposal on the accounting influencer podcast with rob brown of the BD AcademyJames Ashford

James Ashford helps progressive accountancy firms to become more profitable and to systemize their firms so they can deliver maximum value and incredible experiences to their clients. He is a sales, marketing and systems expert, helping firms to scale their practice by giving more value to existing clients and converting new prospects at a higher rate for higher fees. He does this through challenging outdated pricing methods and mindsets, implementing powerful optimized systems and leveraging entire firms to sell more through consultative sales techniques.

He works exclusively with leading firms of accountants from around the world, helping them to become more profitable and to systemize their firms so they can deliver maximum value and incredible experiences to their clients. James is the founder of GoProposal, bestselling author of “Selling to Serve” and director within a thriving firm of accountants called My Accountancy Place.

James is a Former artist and close-up magician. He’s definitely NOT an accountant. He is a business owner who has helped many other businesses to increase sales and significantly grow their profits. Listen to this straight talking interview and get the following nuggets to help you grow your accounting client base:

  • Why NOW is an exciting time for accountants, and which kind of accountants are having the biggest impact
  • Why the accountant default position is a desire for perfection and a resistance to change
  • Progress not perfection – a great mantra for progressive accountants
  • Why mindset is a critical word for technically strong accountants who want to differentiate
  • “Most accountants genuinely care, want to help and want to make a difference”
  • The ONE BIG DIFFERENCE between the good firms and the great ones
  • The importance of making quick decisions to innovate and truly serve your clients
  • How to easily lose 4000 months of positive impact on your clients
  • The danger of personal agendas amongst partners in large firms
  • “Accountants have to be much smarter in the way they win work in these tough times”
  • Ways to demonstrate you are the trusted advisor and ‘go to’ expert
  • Applying the concept of lifetime value to your marketing and networking
  • Tips to enhance the client experience using ‘experience mapping’ and emotions
  • Without exception, it is EVERYONE’s job to win work in a large accounting firm
  • Selling is a value exchange and why many accountants are selfish by not selling.

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