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21st Century Marketing Strategies for Top Accounting Firms

James Molfetas on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

James Molfetas is a chartered accountant who left the accounting profession in 2011 to concentrate on internet marketing. Today he coaches accountants how to get a minimum of 2 new clients every month by using his proprietary “Regular Accounting Client Blueprint”. James is the CEO and Founder of the training sand sales funnel implementation company, Regular Clients.

James in an international number one best-selling author of marketing books helping accountants to get more clients and sell more products and services by leveraging the internet. In his 30-year financial career, he was a financial director in both private and listed companies as well as a partner in a small 3-partner audit practice. Shownotes:

  • “If your accounting firm is not on the internet, you’ll be out of business”
  • How the internet has changed the game for how accountants and accounting firms market themselves
  • The first thing a buyer or prospect will do if they want a new accountant or advisor
  • The trap of compliance – it might be where the money is for many accountants, but it’s actually just a commodity
  • How digital disruption has hit the accounting profession harder than any most others
  • The important things accountants must do in today’s competitive marketplace
  • How the cloud has given accountants a new lease of life, even though it presents an even bigger problem for them
  • Why it’s actually easier for an accountant or accounting firm to differentiate themselves than ever before
  • The vastly different attitudes to the internet with older and younger accountants
  • How bookkeepers are taking over what more qualified accountants used to do, with drastic consequences for accounting firms who do not evolve
  • The increasing trend of accounting firms putting their prices on their website
  • The number one reason accountants must move into the cloud and prioritise advisory
  • True or false – some accountants don’t even talk to clients face to face any more?
  • What accountants must to to reduce the cost of new client acquisition
  • The big problem accounting firms have when they rely on word of mouth for new business
  • Why accountants are at a disadvantage to other professions when it comes to their professional qualifications
  • The downsides for accountants if they are not prepared to niche or specialise in targeting certain clients
  • Tips for accountants who need to help prospects switch from their incumbent advisors
  • The critical factor that is making clients more likely to switch accounting firms
  • What should be the ultimate goal when accounting firms source a new clients online
  • Why for most accountants, LinkedIn is the natural digital platform to be on

James Molfetas on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

When he’s not working, James loves performing magic tricks for his two kids. He also used to be a provincial chess player in his youth.

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