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Making Strategic Technology Decisions in Accounting

Jeremy Hyman, a global IT expert for large firms, shares with Accounting Influencers podcast host Rob Brown how to make better strategic tech decisions.

Jeremy Hyman on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob BrownJeremy Hyman began his career with a top-50 firm of accountants in London, where he chaired the UK200 IT Group, produced the first document management system for accountants, and developed an IT business within the firm. He went on to establish and operate an IT services business before returning to his consulting roots and founding Jeremy Hyman Associates in 2017. He combines a thorough understanding of professional firms, a sound grasp of technical disciplines, and a pragmatic and effective approach to provide IT leadership and guidance to larger firms of accountants. Shownotes:

  • Why external advice and governance helps accounting firms make better tech decisions
  • The reason why covid has shown how much more agile accountants are than they’re given credit for
  • The major mistakes accountancy firms have made in the covid pandemic and how complacency has led to the downfall of some
  • Why new entrants to accountancy often struggle with the slow and backward technology in many firms
  • The frustration caused by ‘irresponsible’ technology and software vendors in accounting firms
  • How the smaller software vendors are more open to shared technology and more collaboration
  • The threats faced by legacy vendors from more open and flexible solutions who supply professional firms
  • The main challenges faced by accounting firms when choosing to invest in certain technologies
  • The single biggest challenge most partners face in driving change in their accounting firm
  • The cost of being fiercely independent in offering advice to accounting firms in the fintech world
  • The adverse impacts accountancy firms suffer if they make mistakes with their big technology projects
  • The dangers of for accounting leaders of making ‘monolithic’ technology investments for their firm
  • Why even the best technology fails if adoption, training and adoption is poor across the firm
  • 3 killer questions to ask accounting firm tech vendors to ensure you are making a good decision to invest
  • How covid has flattened the world and allowed more international collaboration with tech
  • The biggest challenge accounting firm leaders have with introducing new technology
  • How to differentiate between those people in your accounting firm who ‘get’ technology and advancement, and those who don’t
  • What accounting firms should be spending their money on when it comes to tech investment
  • The key things that the most successful accounting firms are doing that stands them out
  • Why technology is actually NOT the solution for everything and how it diminishes the human element
  • Words of encouragement for accounting professionals and leaders to make good strategic technology decisions in uncertain times.

Jeremy Hyman on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

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