Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Creating Strong Accounting Firm Value Propositions

Keith Rozelle on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

Keith Rozelle has 30-year career in corporate sales with many blue-chip brands, such as HP, EDS, BT and a host of SMEs. He’s lived and worked all over the world including New York, Zurich, Tokyo, London and Singapore and has managed sales teams numbering 3 to 350. His two career high-points are winning a $1.6Bn outsourcing deal with Vodafone (showcased in The Sunday Times) and turning around a small donated-furniture charity, which was 30-days from having to be wound-up.

Steve launched Sales Marvel to offer affordable sales expertise to professional firms and the clients they serve. He specialises in helping those who find it difficult to pitch and differentiate their businesses. Shownotes:

  • How hard is it for an accounting firm to articulate any kind of difference with the competitors?
  • The big four accounting firms dominate two thirds of the market and compete for the most exclusive clients
  • How the Zyman Pyramid helps accounting firms develop a strong and differentiated value proposition
  • Accountants need to analyse ‘me too’ and ‘points of preference’ when going against competitors
  • The bad things that happen when accounting firms don’t differentiate themselves
  • If you can’t articulate your difference as an accounting firm, then you risk your proposition coming down to price
  • The crucial reason why accounting firms find it difficult to differentiate from their competitors
  • The mistake accounting firms make in appointing someone to head up business development
  • How sector expertise and deep knowledge of a particular niche helps differentiate your firm’s pitch for business
  • What speed networking can tell you about how irrelevant most elevator pitches are
  • Value propositions are meant to be both read and said – when aligned, they should be everywhere in your marketing
  • The significance of price in a bid or pitch if there is no other elements of differentiation
  • Price is never totally irrelevant in pitching situations
  • Our attention deficient society means words and impact are at a premium when delivering pitches and marketing messages
  • Sales is not a resected word in the UK, but it should be as respected as accountancy and law
  • The lack of any formal sales or BD training means that the majority of accountants struggle with bringing in new business
  • The message ‘everyone is in sales’ is difficult to hear for fee-earning accountants
  • When accountancy firms put the effort into their value proposition, it makes it easier for clients to buy
  • How accountancy firms make a mistake with their values, and how critical reputation is in living up to them
  • Why it’s impossible for an accounting firm to have a truly 100% baked in value proposition.

Keith Rozelle on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

Steve’s mission is to provide high quality sales-learning experiences for SMEs and Not for Profits. he offers’ deal coaching’ for companies aiming to win larger contracts. His first ever job was a DJ and in his free time he is a Trustee of his regional Citizens Advice Bureau. You can reach Keith here…

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