Accounting Influencers Roundtable


How Accountants Can Sell More Confidently & Effectively

Liston Wetherill on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

Liston Witherill is the founder and creator of Serve Don’t Sell where he helps professional services firms build the confidence and systems they need to win the business they know they should. He’s also host of the Modern Sales podcast, a podcast that’ll help you sell more by understanding how people buy. Liston has spent his career in professional services and consulting, with a focus on marketing and selling services. Prior to running his own company, he was the Director of Business Development and Marketing at a consulting firm that grew from $8M to $12M in three years. Shownotes:

  • The critical difference between marketing, business development and selling when it comes to professional services
  • The profile of a classic rainmaker in a professional firm, and why it’s hard to teach people to do it
  • What accountants need most of all if they want to build a referral based business
  • The fantasy of having a sales or business development person in your accounting firm that can win lots of work on their own
  • Why sales and selling is not comfortable for smart technical professionals like accountants
  • Why very few partners in accounting firms have had any kind of formal training in sales and business development
  • Why the natural sales people and top work winners in an accounting firm are often very poor coaches and mentors
  • Why continued growth and business development succession is so difficult in many accounting firms
  • The key differences in selling products and services for an accounting professional
  • The two critical factors for accountants who want to sell more ‘intangible’ services like advisory
  • Why fixed pricing beats the billable hour in accounting services
  • The art of turning accounting services into products for better pricing and better profitability
  • The two things accountants need to be if they want to be better at sales and win more business
  • The criteria required to justify bringing in external professionals to help an accounting firm win more work
  • The dilemma for accountants in devoting time to fee-earning and to building a portfolio of new business.

Liston Wetherill on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

When he’s not working, Liston makes beats, exercises, and is an avid reader of business, economics, and history books. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, dog, and cat. You might be surprised to know that Liston has recorded a nationally televised rap song, and can still dunk a basketball despite his aging knees. You can reach him here…