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How Top Accounting Firms Are Innovating with Technology

Maria Lauring on the BD Academy top 100 club accounting podcast with Rob Brown

Maria Lauring is the Head of EMEA at Practice ignition, working with partners to drive efficiency within their firm. Having completed her Master’s in International Business and through her range of experience in consultancy and with Practice Ignition, Maria has learnt the importance of improving business processes to boost growth.

Practice Ignition was born out of the frustration of working with disconnected processes and systems sought to make a better, more efficient way for accountants to modernise their practice, liberating them from the shackles and headaches usually associated with client engagements. Practice Ignition is all about maximising engagements with the enablement of the modern accounting practice for Xero and Workflow Max for the connected accountant. It helps businesses in automating non-value adding processes to save valuable time and money and thus focus on growth. Shownotes:

  • Australia is the biggest market for accounting technology – they are early adopters of technology and automation
  • In the UK, people are more resistant to change and many aren’t yet buying in to the change that comes with technology
  • The best accounting firms are always looking innovate with their processes and offerings to service their clients better
  • Discover what has changed for accountants in the way their clients run their businesses
  • Accounting firms must market themselves better and differently to clients whose businesses and expectations are changing
  • Cloud based systems are pushing businesses to re-evaluate their functions and eliminate non-value adding processes
  • Progressive accounting firms test new applications on tech-savvy clients to validate their advantages, before offering them a wider audience
  • A really good way of differentiating and gaining a competitive advantage is for accounting firms to position themselves as tech-savvy in the market
  • Accounting firms looking to grow must commit to change and adapt to new technology
  • To completely eliminate the problem of manual processes, accountancy firms need to think ‘ecosystem’ with their technology
  • Accounting has evolved slower than many other industries when it comes to tech
  • What has worked for the last 10 years in accounting firms isn’t what is necessarily going to work in the next 10 years
  • The importance for accountants to be open to change, as things that worked just a few years back might not be benefit the clients anymore
  • And much more…

In her spare time, Maria loves running, playing tennis, and is always up to go dancing with friends. Having travelled the world and lived in 5 different countries, she never stops saving up and planning her next trip.

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