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Self Learning Technology & Robotics in Accounting Software

markus mantere on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

Markus Mantere

Markus Mantere is Deputy Managing Director of Arkimera Robotics, a deep technology company based in Sweden. At the very front line of accounting tech innovation, he is convinced there is a place for people with skills and knowledge in the future of accounting – and that emerging technologies with give these very people an edge.

His background is in sales. Before joining Arkimera Robotics, he was on a journey to digitise Swedish healthcare at pharmacy E-commerce start up success ApoEx. Going from five people in a small room to an annual turnover of £250m in just five years, he knows a bit about growth. He is a strong believer in a combination of two focus areas: (1) Building great relations with customers while (2) keeping your tech stack top notch. Shownotes:

  • How robotics helps accounting software to perform more efficiently
  • The definition of self learning technology when it comes to accounting software
  • Why self learning is a better description than artificial intelligence
  • How Tesla creates autonomous self driving vehicles using self learning plus human intelligence
  • How accounting software learns greater accuracy by observing data sources and the human interaction with it
  • Receipt apps and similar accounting softwares heavily use machine learning algorithms and automation to predict human behaviour
  • Will self learning software replace or empower accountants?
  • How technology has replaced sales people but has also increased demand for them in the accounting and software world
  • How to increase demand for your skills and expertise in a technology driven world
  • There is a cost to making accounting software so easy to use that anyone can work it
  • There is no learning curve with self learning accounting software as it teaches itself
  • How self learning accounting software leads to more end value for accounting and bookkeeping clients
  • Accounting software companies need self learning experts whose skills are hard to replicate inhouse
  • The accounting profession’s use of AI is comparable to other industries
  • There’s a thick jungle of marketing buzzwords around robotics, IA and self learning in the accounting world.

Discover the world of robotics and self learning in accounting software in this fascinating interview with @EnarMantere and @therobbrown on the #Accounting Influencers #Podcast #accountex #accountinginsight

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markus mantere on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

When not working, Markus is a city kid turned hobby farmer, spending his out of office ours on the island of Öland. The move away from Sweden´s capital Stockholm offered new lessons in life; switching the suit and tie to farmers boots while taking care of chicken, geese and steers. The mission to become self-sustainable on vegetables succeeded within two years and combining cutting edge technology in the daytime while cleaning out the chicken coop in the evening proved to be a perfect balance in life.. You can call him directly on +46706871891 or below:

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