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Tips to Help Accounting Firms Gain ROI from Marketing

Mike Crook on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

Mike Crook is the Managing Director of the award-winning marketing agency PracticeWeb which has worked exclusively with accounting firms for more than 20 years. Under his leadership, PracticeWeb has gone from strength to strength, from winning awards for their results focused digital marketing, to entering into powerful partnerships with fintech firms and with the ACCA.

Mike has almost two decades of experience under his belt as a digital marketing and business transformation strategist, with clients including HSBC, Zurich Financial, Peugeot and Triumph Motorcycles. He is an expert in every aspect of digital marketing from brand building to website development, with a particular interest in the power of market research, test driven marketing and data to deliver results. Shownotes:

  • How marketing has changed to become more complex and more data driven over the years
  • The downside for buyers in the B2B space who are hit with so many marketing messages from professional firms
  • What marketing actually means for accounting firms and what good marketing should do
  • What you need to be the best choice for people looking for your services
  • How much professional firms rate marketing and where it lies as a priority for most accountants
  • The biggest excuse accounting firms give for not investing in marketing, and how it doesn’t hold up under scrutiny
  • Why accounting firms who claim to grow by referral might be making a big mistake
  • What accounting firms get wrong when it comes to investing in marketing, and where money gets wasted
  • How some marketing agencies and experts sell their services and methods as silver bullets but with one important thing missing
  • The dangers for accounting firms of of starting a marketing campaign or strategy and thinking short term only
  • What accounting firms are missing out on by not investing in digital marketing
  • How inhouse marketers in accounting firms struggle to internally sell the benefits of marketing
  • The steps to turning marketing into tangible targets and activities
  • The advantages of being data driven with digital marketing for accounting firms
  • Why the smart accounting firms invest in marketing earlier rather than later
  • Key considerations for an accounting firm to hire in external marketing resource and expertise to grow
  • How the marketing strategy acts as a roadmap for accounting firms to execute on for growth
  • How everyone in a professional firm can contribute to the marketing efforts

Mike Crook on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

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