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Smart Ways Accountants Can Use Data for More Advisory Work

phil hobden on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob BrownPhil Hobden

Phil Hobden is the Head Of Partnerships at Futrli. With over 40,000 users globally, Futrli is the market-leading forecasting & reporting platform for both accountants and SMBs. The winner of Xero Practice App of the Year for 2018, Futrli secured Series A funding in 2018 to continue to develop innovative solutions to support SMBs and empower financial decision-making.

Before Futrli, Phil worked in senior positions in the RBS Group, in both asset finance and direct SMB lending teams, and previous to that ran a successful media production business. Shownotes include:

  • What separates the good accounting firms from the great ones is culture – that desire to embed the change required to be great
  • The reasons why accounting firms should be changing the culture in their
  • Why price is a massive factor in the compliance vz advisory debate for accountants
  • For accountants, advisory is simply consulting and finding out what your clients need
  • Good advisors have a coaching element to their advisory skills
  • How can technical accountants develop the sales skills required to position and win advisory work?
  • The one logical place that accounting firms should start when it comes to jumping into the advisory space
  • An example of a winning strategy for introducing advisory to business owners
  • How accountants can lay out the software adoption process to show clients the advisory journey
  • Why reporting technology like Futrli is crucial (and much better than excel) to help accountants deliver advisory work
  • Why it’s important to look at the accountant-client relationship before focusing on the sale when it comes to winning advisory work
  • Why banks and bankers have lost their trusted advisor status and how accountants are now in prime position to take advantage
  • The importance to accountants of advisory services to help with client retention
  • The impact of the diminishing loyalty across the world due to us all becoming more value sensitive consumers
  • Value is completely bespoke from one client to another, which is why accountants need to personalise
  • In the best accounting firms, advisory is a firm wide strategic roll-out vz ‘loose cannons’ doing their own thing
  • The three qualities that make a good accountant great.

Outside of work, Phil plays roller Derby and hosts his own film based podcast. Find out more at or to contact Phil directly:

Twitter: @DashboardPhil

Phil on LinkedIn

07985 684760

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