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Success Strategies for Forward Thinking Accounting Firms

Shane Lukas on the BD Academy top 100 club accounting podcast with Rob BrownShane Lukas

Shane Lukas is Managing Director of AVN – Inspiring Accountants. He is the author of four books including Amazon Best-Seller What’s Next For Accountants. With his AVN team, he has coached and trained over 2500 accountants over a 20 year period to have a better business and a better life.

Shane has a farm in the countryside with his wife, 2 children and wide variety of animals as pets, he enjoys regular fence repairs as well as renovating his farm house and spending as much quality time with his wife and children as possible.

Shane is evangelist and inspirational in his crusade to help accountants perform at a high level and live an optimal life. In 20 minutes, you’ll get the following goodies:

  • How AVN differs from other accounting networks, particularly in being
  • An overview of AVN’s REACH methodology – roadmap, environment, accountability, community, human
  • The story behind the book ‘What’s Next for Accountants’ and the threats for the profession
  • Why accountants need to change to deal with upcoming threats like AI
  • The biggest difference between small and large accounting firms
  • The ONE WORD Shane Lukas is most passionate about (6 letters)
  • The UN Global Goals list and how Shane and AVN align their values to them
  • How the B1G1 helps AVN’s accounting clients make an impact in the world
  • What separates the good accounting firms from the great ones, regardless of size
  • What accountants really should be spending their time on (but few do)
  • Why some accountants are blamed for failing businesses
  • “The stereotypical accountant lacks people skills to go with the technical skills”
  • The three critical aspects of an optimum hiring policy for growing accounting firms
  • General intelligence assessment vz crystal intelligence and their importance in hiring
  • The ideal attitude profile for new recruits for your accounting firm
  • Why the office is the worst place to sit your newly recruited millennial accountants
  • Research from Google on the buying trends of people – people WILL google you.
  • The importance of raising your personal accounting profile over the brand of your accounting firm
  • Crystal ball – what’s critical for accounting firms over the next few years
  • The power of culture and synergy between partners and people (internal competition)
  • Shane’s personal philosophy for success (hint – it’s not about the money)
  • HIS syndrome – an unwillingness to change (head in sand!) and why it limits accountants
  • What makes an accountant claim that ‘cloud technology is just a fad’
  • FTI = failure to implement. Many accountants fail to make the necessary changes required for success
  • Steve Pipe quote: ‘there’s no white knight in shining armour that will save the day’ and what it means for accountants
  • What a personal fitness trainer can teach accountants about growth and success

…and much more!

To contact Shane: 01246 571191

Twitter: @shanelukasavn

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01246 571191

His personal mission statement: “As AVN MD, I work with hundreds of accountants and help them overcome their challenges so that they, in turn, can help their clients do the same. I lead the amazing team of people at AVN, all of whom are as passionate as I am about helping and supporting our members. Through office visits and our regular in house events I stay up to date with what our members want and need so that AVN can continuously evolve to provide invaluable help and support.”