Accounting Influencers Roundtable


What Accountants Can Learn from Behavioural Economics

Steve Pipe  is a chartered accountant, best-selling author, dynamic speaker, and founder of the Get and Give A Million movement. His 2016 book, “The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants”, has been described as a “masterpiece”, “ground-breaking” and “desperately needed”.

His other books include “Your blueprint for a better accountancy practice”, “The UK’s best accountancy practices”, “Stress proof your business and your life” and “Better business, Better life, Better world.” He has been happily married to an accountant for over thirty years, lives in Yorkshire, plays tennis and the blues guitar very badly. Shownotes:

  • Why accountants, more than almost any other profession, can do real good in the world
  • The joy of doing the things you really love
  • Most economic thinking from the last 50 years is redundant due to the relatively new discipline of behavioural economics
  • There are two types of thinking fast (habits, gut) and slow (reasoned, analytical) and one is much more common than the other
  • 21st century accountants have a real opportunity to drive ‘right thinking’ and better decision making in their clients
  • What separates the successful from the unsuccessful accounting firms
  • Some accountants are still focused on ‘keeping the score’ – these will go out of date
  • There are downward pressure on fees accountants charge because clients don’t fully understand what they do that adds value
  • The two kinds of rewards accountants reap – emotional and financial
  • Why it’s time for the accounting profession to step up and do a better job
  • Where the opportunities lie for accountants and why many of them are missed
  • Complacency – the big enemy of accountants who want to be proactive
  • The five critical components that define proactivity for an accountant
  • The two big payoffs for being proactive with clients
  • The single biggest thing you can do to make the biggest difference in life and business
  • Why businesses and firms that do good receive huge emotional and commercial benefits
  • How much better is business when you work with people who share your values?
  • The best way to get more recommendations and testimonials from people
  • Accountants who restric themselves to what can be done at the push of a button will cease to become relevant
  • The move towards value based pricing has not gone far enough
  • What you must do to ensure 81% of clients will tell others about you
  • The key differences between value pricing and impact pricing.

Steve is super-passionate about the impact accountants can make in the world by being a ‘force for good.’ His insights here on pricing, being proactive and simply being nice are first class. To contact Steve:


You can also visit his Blog or visit his  website.