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tim wilson on the BD Academy top 100 club accounting podcast with Rob Brown

Tim Wilson OBE is CEO of MSI Global Alliance, a 28 year old association of over 250 independent law and accounting firms in over 100 countries. He leads a small team based in London which facilitates networking opportunities worldwide for MSI’s members.

Before becoming CEO of MSI, Tim worked in the charity sector and before that was an Army officer serving on several operations worldwide, receiving an OBE for leadership in Iraq.

He is married with 3 children and is a keen sportsman; he bobsleighed and played rugby and polo in his youth and now cycles and runs.

In just 25 minutes, you’ll hear all of these great insights into successful accounting firms:

  • Reasons why an accounting firm might join an international network
  • What separates MSI Global from other accounting networks
  • The power of referrals from firms in different geographical locations
  • The big difference between accountants and lawyers when it comes to serving clients and winning new work
  • The TWO BIG THINGS that separates the good from the great firms
  • Exactly what a client focus looks like in a top accounting firm
  • How sector specific expertise benefits an accounting firm
  • The biggest challenge accounting firms face if they want to grow
  • Understand, embrace, exploit and adapt – the four vital phases of success for accounting firms to deal with the threats and opportunities presented by technology
  • Where the opportunities are for large accounting firms who want growth over coming years
  • The importance of recruiting for soft skills and emotional intelligence for accounting firms wishing to grow
  • How can you be a trusted advisor without empathy
  • How millennials are affecting the talent pool for large accounting firms
  • Good accountants need soft skills as well as technical expertise. But can these be trained or are you born with them?
  • What’s coming up for accounting firms
  • How the robots and the humans will work together in coming years
  • Which is easier, commanding a regiment or commanding an international network of accountants and lawyers?
  • There’s a different world out there – it’s a multicultural world where one size does not fit all
  • How a knowledge of military strategy helps run a global professional services network
  • The road to character – are you on the right path? Are you more concerned with your career or your eulogy?
  • The power of networking to create a wealth of opportunities for business and career.
  • The vision for MSI Global – being relevant and enhancing value for their accounting and legal clients around the world

…and much more!

To contact Tim: 020 7583 7000

Twitter: @msi_global

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Extra bio: Tim served for 28 years in the British Army, leaving early as a Colonel in 2012 to become Director of Membership of Abbeyfield, an international care home provider. Broad international experience borne out of living and operating in Europe, the Middle East and the Balkans. Has worked extensively at the strategic and operational levels.

He has highly developed communication skills, strong initiative and a creative and imaginative thinker. A team player who leads by example, with integrity, energy and a strong work ethic.

Specialities: Leadership; change management; people; training; infrastructure development; international environments.

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