Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Growth and Success Strategies for Hungry Accounting Firms

Trent McLaren

Trent Mclaren is Australia’s thought leader of the year in the Accounting Industry. He is the head of accounting and strategic partnerships at Practice Ignition. His role see’s him partnering with accounting professionals all over the world as he strives to drive innovation and disruption with his partners. Igniting a culture to challenge the status quo and create true customer centricity. Trent comes with years of experience working with disruptive accountants in his former role at Intuit Australia, as senior business development manager.

He has completed his MBA with an elected focus on strategic marketing and has a diverse background in online payments and eCommerce. He was also recently named Thought Leader of the Year at the Australian Accounting Awards. His combined experience between accounting, payments and online ecommerce puts Trent right at the centre of small business disruption that we are witnessing all over the world. Listen to this brilliant interview for these great quotes and takeaways:

  • Why NOT being an accountant brings valuable perspective to the accounting profession
  • How accounting firms are changing from ‘compliance tax shops’ to advisory, wealth and even mortgage broking
  • The importance for accountants to contribute to your business community if you want to develop business
  • The number one factor that has had the biggest impact on the accounting profession in the last 10 years
  • How technology is transforming the way accountants interact with clients
  • Two great outcomes of technology for accountants – the speed at which you can get the work done and the quality of the data you produce for clients
  • Key definitions of business development, marketing and sales for accountants
  • If you’re not confident your accounting firm can deliver on the work, it will restrict your business development efforts
  • The pie is not necessarily getting bigger – most accounting firms only win clients from other accountants
  • The two best ways for accounting firms to set growth targets
  • How a lack of communication skills limits many accountants to more compliance than advisory work
  • The key attributes that make a good work winner or business developer in accounting firms
  • If you take care of your accounting clients deliver beyond what they expect, there will always be a market for you
  • A good answer to the common BD objective “I’m too busy to go out there, network and win more business”
  • Problem on the horizon – a lot of accounting graduates coming out of university aren’t equipped to use all technology
  • Progressive accounting firms are now employing inhouse developers and technology experts
  • These days, we need technically good accountants that are also pretty good geeks!
  • How accounting firms can best encourage or incentivize their people to win business
  • Progressive accounting firms are using Slack, Skype, Zoom etc to engage with clients AND to improve the communications internally with their teams
  • The best piece of sales advice accounting influencer Trent McLaren has ever been given!  |  @trent_mclaren  |