Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Previewing the Digital Accounting Forum & Personal Branding for Accountants

Episode 36. On this week’s Accounting Influencers Podcast:

➜ News – Rob Brown goes solo on “Previewing the Upcoming Digital Accountancy Forum & Awards in London 2021.” This is one of the most prestigious UK events and attracts leaders and influencers international from the major accounting networks, associations and alliances plus the vendor community who support them. #DAFA21 is ran by Global Data who publish the International Accounting Bulletin and conduct the official world rankings for accounting networks, alliances and associations.

➜ Special Guest Interview: “Accounting Firm Practice Management Insights with Ian Thompson.” In this highlights snippet (full uncut version comes out as a bonus episode at the weekend), you can learn about the very latest developments in Practice Management for accountants, the recent merge with Star and Iris Global, the big trends in Practice Management across the accounting profession globally and the two kinds of Practice Management challenges faced by accounting firms everywhere.

➜ Rob offers up practical advice and tips for accounting practitioners on “Here’s What Works on Personal Branding & Reputation Building for Accountants.” As author of the bestselling book Build Your Reputation, Rob knows this topic well and shares tips to help accountants raise their profile, showcase their expertise and build valuable career capital.

➜ Expert Interview: “Research & Development Tax Tips for Accountants with Mike Dean (Highlights)”. In this highlights snippet (full uncut version comes out as a bonus episode at the weekend), you’ll discover the role accountants and CPAs play in the R&D tax claim process for businesses, the similarities between the R&D market in different countries, who dominates the R&D tax world plus how they make their money, and how R&D is a lucrative advisory based non-compliance service for accountants.


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