Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Previewing the Upcoming Digital Accountancy Forum & Awards in London 2021

Episode 37. In today’s news episode, the Accounting Influencers Podcast host Rob Brown previews the upcoming prestigious in-person Digital Accounting Forum & Awards international event in London 2021.

Key shownotes include:

➩ How important awards shows and ceremonies are for the accounting and fintech world

➩ What makes the Digital Accounting Forum and Awards such a special annual event

➩ The difference in awards events that focus on accounting firms and accounting networks/associations

➩ The mistake some award winners make in failing to capitalise on their success

➩ What people and clients care about more than you actually winning an award

➩ Insight into the judging process for awards similar to those at the Digital Accounting Forum and Awards

➩ What makes entering for an award hard work and why some firms/individuals don’t do it

➩ The upsides for accountants, firms, networks, software vendors of being nominated for or winning an award

➩ How marketing spend put into awards can make good business sense in the accounting and fintech world

➩ The two benefits of getting involved in an awards process for accountancy firms, networks, associations and the vendors who serve them

➩ Why it’s great to be back doing face to face ‘in person’ events and more authentic networking

➩ The mistake of treating awards evenings as an excuse to just eat, drink and be merry

➩ The wisdom of coupling awards events with conferences to keep attendees current, relevant and informed

➩ Why the Digital Accounting Forum and Awards event is worth attending

➩ The merits of sponsoring awards and examples of other ways to get your brand exposed to the accounting and fintech world

➩ Shout out to Jon Lisby, chair of the judges at the Digital Accounting and Awards

To check out the awards, the show agenda, the speakers and education sessions for the upcoming Digital Accounting Forum and Awards event in London on November 4 2021, go to


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