Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Digital Marketing Fundamentals for Growing Accounting Firms

Jo Edwards is the principal of JE Consulting, who provide marketing assistance to accountancy and legal firms. She has over 30 years practical marketing experience working with a wide range of firms across the UK, both large and small. She has a particular specialism in preparing and delivering internet and social media strategies to clients. Jo and her team’s hands-on approach to marketing has helped many firms both in the UK  and internationally to generate new clients and develop profitable cross-selling services to existing clients through innovative e-marketing programs. Selected shownotes:

  • What has enabled the accounting profession to cope incredibly well in these tough times
  • Where some accounting firms have fallen short in serving their clients during the pandemic
  • How some accounting firms have won new business from competitors who have not been proactive
  • How Covid has changed marketing approaches for growing accounting firms
  • What some accounting firms have done to be more ‘findable’ in competitive marketplaces
  • The need for different channels for accountants to reach the clients and prospects they desire
  • What is happening to more traditional marketing approaches like PR, direct mail and event sponsorship
  • The ideal blend of lead generation vz brand awareness activities for an accounting firm
  • Who drives the marketing agenda and activities in an accountancy practice
  • The benefits of a ‘marketing induction’ session when onboarding new accounting firm staff
  • How social media has changed the game for accountancy professionals in recent years
  • The three categories of content that accountants should be sharing on social media
  • The secret ingredient in social media posts that get the maximum engagement
  • How LinkedIn has re-established itself as a professional network building platform for accountants
  • The vital role of research and proprietary insights for accounting firm marketers
  • An example of a small marketing budget generating many leads for an accounting firm
  • Why it’s harder for accounting firms to differentiate from competitors and how to stand out
  • Tips for generating leads quickly for accountants, but the downsides of doing so
  • What’s coming up for growing accounting firms with technology and digital trends.

When not working, Jo loves her dog, Rabbit, walking, swimming and boxing. She is heavily involved with the City of London and is a Liveryman in the Worshipful Company of Marketors and Freeman of the City of London. Her guilty pleasures are Pret Vanilla Latte and watching Masterchef (even though she’s a lousy cook!)

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