Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Why Accountants Need a Strong Professional Network

Accounting Influencers host Rob Brown dives deep into the power of 'WHO' for accountants and why they must build a strong professional business network.

Rob Brown is a former high school maths teacher and now founder of the Business Development Academy, which trains busy accountants and similar service professionals to be confident, effective work winners. He speaks internationally on growth, succession, trust, likeability, reputation, collaboration, mental resilience and sales for professional firms and networks.

He is also in demand as an online an and in person chair, moderator, interviewer, MC and event host for conferences and virtual events internationally. Rob is the bestselling author of Build Your Reputation (Wiley) and his TED talk ‘The Personal Brand of You’ has been viewed 250K times on Youtube.

He hosts the popular weekly Accounting Influencers podcast that interviews a range of influencers, vendors and experts who serve the accounting community to ask what makes the good firms and accountants great. Selected shownotes:

  • Why you need a strong professional business network
  • The common denominator in almost all referrals, recommendations and introductions
  • Why education teaches us to ask the wrong question when faced with a problem
  • Shout out to Des O’Neill of OmniPro and Martin Bissett of Upward Spiral Professionals
  • Case Study – coaching Jim the accountant to win more business more quickly
  • The power of collaboration and strategic partnership in the accounting world
  • A warning to cut through the hype – not everyone is as good as they say they are
  • How accountants can accelerate their referral business AND their career
  • An invitation to explore the 90 Day Pipeline coaching program for accountants to generate £100K of new business opportunities

Connect to Rob on LinkedIn or via the BD Academy website