Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Tough Love & Advice for Accountants from a 40 Year Veteran

Richard Brewin shares with Accounting Influencers podcast host Rob Brown some encouragement and wisdom from his 40 years in the accounting profession.

Richard Brewin is a chartered accountant with 40 years of experience within the profession, as a successful practitioner in his own right and as an experienced mentor, coach, facilitator and speaker, specialising in owner managed professional accountancy firms frustrated by their progress.

Based on his own experiences, Richard’s goal is reinvigorating firms and their leaders, developing positive environments, instigating change, creating sustainable growth, lighting up exit routes and putting the fun back into the working day. He is co-founder of Progress Barnwell Brewin, creators of the ProgressBB mentoring group and Progress Foundations self-help online programme. Selected shownotes:

Contact Richard on LinkedIn or via his Progress BB website.

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