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Selling to Accountants: Hard or Easy? Jason Staats

Jason Staats shares his journey in accounting & creating content to help accountants be their best selves on social media platforms.


In this episode of the Accounting Influencers Podcast, Rob Brown interviews Jason Staats, who creates content on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to help people run accounting firms in a more fun and sustainable way. Staats discusses how he got into accounting and why he had to find a creative way to contribute because he needed to be a better tax preparer. He also touches on mental blockers that keep accountants from being more intentional versions of themselves and falling into the trap of working hard and thinking they’ve done their best.

Staats discusses the current state of the accounting industry, noting that it was challenging before COVID-19 and even more so after. He says there is a massive opportunity in the industry, but people need to get out of their way and not try to be everything for everybody at their own expense. He also talks about accountants’ emotional connection with their clients and how it’s hard to say no to them because of that connection.

Finally, Staats discusses the difficulty in reaching accountants and selling to them, noting that some companies do it well and understand how to speak the accountant’s vernacular. He mentions that accountants carry the stresses of their clients and that it’s the most challenging aspect of what they do. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights for accountants looking to grow their firms in a sustainable and fulfilling way.


Guest Bio

Jason Staats is an accomplished entrepreneur and thought leader in accounting. He founded a $5M accounting firm, which he has run for 18 months. In addition, he has built a SAAS to $30k MRR, sold a startup, built a creatorpreneur business to $10k MRR, and produced commercials for brands like LinkedIn and Zapier.

Today, Jason helps people in three key areas. Firstly, he produces content to help accounting leaders develop more sustainable firms. Secondly, he provides thought leadership on adopting automation and AI to support public accounting. Thirdly, he helps software companies to better partner with the accountant channel and leverage AI in their products.

Jason is a prolific content creator and regularly shares his insights and ideas through his weekly newsletter, which is essential for accountants looking to stay up-to-date on industry trends. Jason is an invaluable resource for software companies looking to better engage with accountants. He has helped some of the most successful brands in the industry develop more meaningful products.