Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Solving the Accounting Talent Shortage & the 5 Key Skills Good Accountants Need

Episode 41. On this week’s Accounting Influencers Podcast:

➜ News – Rob riffs on “Solving the Crippling Talent Shortage in the Global Accounting Profession.” Key points include why accounting firms must be more proactive in winning the war for talent, the factors affecting the talent shortage in professional service sectors like accounting, finance and tech, plus the impact of an era of employee choice brought about by an ageing profession in accountancy.

➜ Special guest interview with Sharon Howley of Global Data and the International Accounting Bulletin on the challenges and opportunities for accounting networks, alliances and associations. Listen to how data in the accounting practice space has grown and changed over the years, the 4 hottest topics that accountants really want to talk about and are struggling with right now and the ‘curiosity factor’ that makes professional firms want to ‘look over the garden wall’ at what their peers are doing.

➜ “Here’s What Works on Upgrading Professional Skills for Accountants”. Rob offers up practical advice and tips for accounting practitioners on what career capital is for accountants and why it leads to more employment choices, why mere technical skills and expertise alone is not guaranteed to get you promoted and the role commercial acumen or an entrepreneurial mindset builds career capital for accountants.

➜ Expert Interview: “Global Business Opportunities for Accountants” with Simon Smallwood of World First. Hear the biggest challenges facing companies who do business internationally, how international trade has grown massively and advice for accountants who want to push a stronger international business agenda in their firm.


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