Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Solving the Crippling Talent Shortage in the Global Accounting Profession

Episode 42. In today’s news episode, the Accounting Influencers Podcast host Rob Brown sheds some light on why talent recruitment is such a big problem for accounting firms with growth plans.

Key takeaways include:

★ Research showing talent and recruitment is a critical issue for accounting firms

★ Why accounting firms must be more proactive in winning the war for talent

★ What, according to Hinge, is the only issue more important for professional firms than finding and keeping good people

★ The factors affecting the talent shortage in professional service sectors like accounting, finance and tech

★ The importance of an accounting firm’s brand in attractive good talent

★ What’s behind the $8.5tn talent shortage according to Kornferry

★ How the workforce of the future is beng transformed by covid, by new generations of talent, by globalisation and by technology

★ The importance of creating a better experience for people who work at your firm

★ The impact of an era of employee choice brought about by an ageing profession in accountancy

★ What percentage of accounting and fintech professionals might be looking for a new job in the next 12 months

★ What it takes to become an employer of choice with your accounting practice

★ The importance of an accelerated career path for new hires and younger talent

★ The power of a story or narrative behind your accounting firm’s brand to attract enough of the right people

★ Why it costs you to hire and promote the wrong people

★ Why training and coaching your talent is vital in keeping them at your professional firm or company

★ The implications for accountancy firms with ageing leaders who want to take money out vz develop new talent


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