Accounting Influencers Roundtable


The Extinction of Accountants & Tips for Accounting Firm Lead Generation

Episode 31. On this week’s Accounting Influencers Podcast:

➜ News – Martin & Rob discuss “Accountancy Extinction – Are Accountants Surplus to Requirements?” This in the light of recent plays by big software vendors to ‘bypass the accountant’ and own their clients by trying to make the practitioner irrelevant. Bold but feasible?

➜ Guest Interview Highlights: Henry Waddilove (MD at Novus Business Connections) talks to Rob about the two warning signs in accounting firms that mean external help is needed to create appointments, the most common approaches accounting leaders have to work with their marketing teams and why Why referrals are not always the best source of new business for accountants. Plus lots more.

➜ Rob & Martin offer up practical advice and tips for accounting practitioners on “Here’s What Works on Lead Generation & Prospecting New Accounting Clients.” With growth being on the agenda of most accounting firms, the need to start conversations with potential new clients in a virtual world has never been more important.

➜ Expert Interview Highlights: Will Farnell (Bestselling Author – The Digital Firm) talks to Rob about who leads the world in digital cloud adoption, why many accountancy firms who claim to be digital are actually just ‘playing at it’ and the key drivers of digital transformation in accountancy practices. Plus a lot more.


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