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The Future of Accounting Qualifications: Brian Hock

Evolving Accounting Certifications & Tech's Impact: Insights from Brian Hock. From standards to data-driven changes, learn the future of the profession.

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In today’s episode 21, “The Future of Accounting Qualifications: Brian Hock.” Host Rob Brown welcomes guest Brian Hock, a seasoned accounting professional with expertise in training and certifications. Brian shares his journey from auditing to establishing his own successful training company. He discusses how accounting certifications have changed over the years, driven by evolving standards and the significant influence of technology.

Brian emphasises the role of technology in transforming the accountant’s role, particularly in data utilisation, auditing, and management decision-making. He highlights the need for certifications to adapt to these changes and equip aspiring professionals with the necessary skills to navigate and leverage technology effectively. Brian also reflects on his experience working with talented students preparing for the CPA exam.

The conversation briefly touches on the geopolitical situation between Russia and Ukraine, with Brian expressing concerns about the misrepresentation of the Russian government and the impact on global supply chains. Lastly, he discusses the current state of American politics and the importance of shared values and the need for open dialogue and compromise.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of accounting certifications, the influence of technology, and the challenges and opportunities accounting professionals face in today’s interconnected world.

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Guest Bio

Brian Hock is the President of HOCK International, a global leader in professional accounting and finance certifications. With strong expertise in small business and international business in regions like the Middle East, India, and Eastern Europe, Brian has helped countless professionals achieve their certification goals.

Having founded HOCK Training in Moscow in 2000, Brian initially focused on live course training for the CMA, CPA, and CIA exams. Recognizing the need for comprehensive study materials, he established HOCK International in 2003, providing candidates worldwide with high-quality study materials that prioritize clear explanations and practical examples.

Brian holds Bachelor’s degrees in Accountancy and History from Miami University, Oxford, OH. His extensive experience includes working with prestigious firms such as Price Waterhouse, ATC International, and Arthur Andersen.

Based in Columbus, OH, Brian resides with his wife and three children. With a passion for online education and a drive to empower aspiring professionals, Brian continues to impact accounting and finance certifications significantly.


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