Accounting Influencers Roundtable


The Insolvency Tsunami & Opportunities for Accounting Professionals

Episode 52. In today’s news episode, the Accounting Influencers Podcast hosts Martin Bissett and Rob Brown examine the clickbait comment ‘insolvency tsunami’ and what it means for accountants.

Key takeaways include:

★ Statistics showing the increase in corporate insolvency cases, bringing in the need for accounting expertise

★ The role Covid is playing in failing businesses and how the pandemic might be distorting insolvency figures

★ Reasons to dispute insolvency statistics and what accountants can take from what’s happening

★ The potential impact of financial literacy for business owners and individuals on insolvency figures and personal bankruptcy cases

★ Figures indicating an uptake in new companies and businesses forming, not just in the UK but in many other countries, meaning more work for accountants and CPAs


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